About Dala Sports

Who We Are

About Dala Sports

Dala Sports is a sports management and news agency that serves sports organizations and athletes by providing sports business development services, athlete management, event management, athlete contracts,   brand management, and social media management solutions.  and athlete performance management solutions. We combine innovative sport-tech solutions with our business knowledge to offer our clients the best sports and business services. We pride ourselves on a highly experienced, dedicated, and forward-thinking team that applies the best sports business practices to improve your sporting organization’s and upcoming athletes’ performance and productivity.

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire and power professionalism among sports teams and athletes by offering fast-paced solutions that enhance performance and sports enjoyment.

Our Core Values

Your Sporting Partner

Customer Focus

At Dala Sports, we prioritize the needs and satisfaction of our customers through customer service, tailor-made solutions, and continued support.


We value teamwork through proper internal and external communication anchored on honesty and respect.


We culturally embrace innovation and continuously seek better and new ways to improve our services in a dynamic sports ecosystem.

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